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Welcome to the Membership Options section of the website.
Not only is an online store where you can purchase just about any aftermarket part or accessory for your Harley or Custom, it is a community of like minded people who share the love of the ride; and like any community its strength comes from its membership.

Do I have to be a Member to use the website?
The short answer is no, but you must be “registered” in order to access the basic functions of the website & registration is free.

What Membership Options are available?
We have 5 levels of membership available to purchase online:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Veteran & Trade.
Each successive level of membership provides you with an increasing range of benefits which include:
• Increasing discount levels
• “Loyalty Points”
• The Wishlist
• Membership level based “Special Offers”
• Unrestricted access to the community section
• Our Electronic Magazine and Newsletter “Chrome & Flames”
• Entry into prize draws & competitions to raise funds for Veterans Charities

Why do we offer different Membership types?
We know that a single membership type is not suitable for everyone and would prevent us providing the best possible discounts to our members as we simply wouldn’t be able to distinguish between Individual Customers and Trade Customers who have different requirements.
When you purchase one of our membership options, you are showing your commitment to and we then demonstrate our commitment to you by providing you with the benefits associated with your chosen membership level.

Free! Register Now.
Bronze Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Veteran Membership
Trade Membership
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