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Primaries, Primary Drive & Clutch

This chapter is all about the primary drive section. No matter if you are looking for a primary chain, primary belt, clutch parts or primary cases, here you will find what you need. Also, if you are looking at a wide wheel conversion, we have primary offset kits in 12, 25, 45 and even 55 mm available. Apart from these offset kits and all sorts of replacement parts we also have convenient, complete primary drive kits available. This chapter is also the section where you can find clutch discs, clutch friction discs, clutch springs, clutch release parts, and complete clutches. Brand names like Primo, Alto, Bandit, Barnett, and BDL Engineering will sound familiar to everybody who is a little bit into Harley’s. Recently we introduced the Müller PowerClutch clutch release mechanism that has proven to be the perfect solution for anyone experiencing “heavy” clutch operation. New for 2007 are ISO-Force clutches that simulate a dry environment in a wet primary case to handle more power and more torque, vented primary covers to keep your primary cool when you converted to a 1 1/2” primary belt drive, and High-Performance primary chain drive kits to increase acceleration.

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