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We at like to think that we always offer the most competitive pricing on our comprehensive selection of motorcycle performance parts and custom accessories, but sometimes, we manage to out do ourselves. This is the section where we let you know about these one time only offers. Don't be mislead into thinking that the products in this section are returns or B Grade products, they are not. Quite simply, our buying power allows us to make greater savings by buying certain items in bulk. The best example is that from using the wishlist facility that is freely available to all members, we know that 186 people are thinking about buying an S&S 113CI Super Sidewinder engine for their project bike. We can approach S&S and ask for additional pricing support if we were to order 200 engines. Once we have secured the supported pricing, we will e-mail all those members who have this particular engine on their wishlist and let them know about the fantastic new pricing. Those members will have the option to purchase the engine at that time. If there are sufficient orders we will place the remainder in this section to offer to everyone else, rather than keep the engines on the shelf to sell at the normal price later on.

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